Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals,Gorgeous Greek Chicken, herby Vegetable Couscous and Tzatziki, p38

ImageHe managed it in 18 minutes, we are getting closer but there is a but, but he used ready-made tzatziki as we had it in the fridge.
The adjustments we made were
–    Not using dill, it isn’t family friendly
–    Next time, flatten the chicken more. NZ breasts are larger than UK chickens.
–    Pulsing the vegetables for the couscous is a really good idea
–    You can always add herbs to your own plate if the are served separately

It was very tasty, there was rather a lot of couscous. I bumped it out with the rest of the feta and had it for lunch at work. Bonus really.

I am not going to publish the recipe as most libraries will have the book or you can get it yourself, it is rather good. This made a lovely lunch. I would recommend the book.

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