“Are there Chia seeds in this?”, My Time as a Healtheries Super Sampler.

Thanks healtheries

Thanks Healtheries

“Is there Chia in this?”

The answer to this question for most of April has been a resounding – YES!

At the beginning of my time as a Healtheries Super Sampler I mentioned that I wanted to experiment with Chia being an addition to our diet and I would not use it in new recipes. I stuck to this and we had chia in many a breakfast, baking, snuck into dinners and even as a beauty treatment.

I have been pleasantly surprised by both the Healtheries Ground Chia and Healtheries Black Chia Seeds. It has been enjoyable to use chia and hide it knowing that I have added more nutrition to our everyday foods. Chia will continue to be a staple item in my cupboard and I am going to buy some s White Chia Seeds.

Thank you Healtheries for choosing me as a Super Sampler.

Here is a round-up of ways I have used Healtheries Chia seeds.

Peach Chia Jam, no cook

Peach Chia Jam

Peach Chia Jam (Healtheries Black Chia Seeds)

Lemon Loaf.

Lemon Loaf.

Lemon Loaf with Healtheries Black Chia Seeds.

Look! Golden granola.

Look! Golden granola.

Granola Using Healtheries Black Chia Seeds.

Blueberry pancakes with Healtheries Ground Black Chia Seeds.

Blueberry pancakes

Blueberry Pancakes with Healtheries Black Chia Seeds.

Photo 20-04-15 5 08 42 pm

Ground chia used as a binder in meatballs

Healtheries Ground Chia as a Binder.

Healtheries Ground Chia, oat, blueberry and orange muffin.

Ground Chia, oat, blueberry and orange muffin.

Healtheries Ground Chia, Oat, Blueberry and Orange Muffin.

Photo 27-04-15 3 53 51 pm

Can’t believe I posted this.

Healtheries Ground Chia and Coconut Oil Face Mask.

Overnight waffles with Healtheries Balck Chia Seeds.

Overnight waffles .

Overnight Waffles With Healtheries Black Chia Seeds.

Don’t be scared of chia, buy it, learn to use it and get brave.

Add it to everything to get that added boost of nutrition. Enjoy.