Wowsers- High Tea at One80.

Fantastic service, fabulous food and we were truly spoilt. One80 at the Copthorne Hotel, Oriental Bay.

I was due to a catch up with a friend and we were going to head out for brunch. I decided that I would love to do a High Tea without reviewing it. I review for The High Tea Society. As One80 had a Grabone for their High Tea and I really enjoyed my previous experience, I decided that the brunch idea was out and High Tea was in.

Photo 16-09-17, 12 01 48 PM

I purchased the voucher and emailed a request to go on Saturday. Little did I know, they were not intending to do High Tea that day as they had an event on that evening. However, they booked us in any way, we were given a special table by the window and treated like queens. Not only that, we were the first to try the new High Tea menu. I can report back, it was superb.

Photo 16-09-17, 12 29 45 PM

We left full, happy and feeling marvelous.

One80 is the place to go Wellingtonians, the views are amazing, as is the food.

Photo 16-09-17, 12 30 43 PM

I highly recommend the new High Tea menu. I particularly loved the Indian influence with the Chicken Keema Kulcha which was served with a mint raita. I may have eaten more than my fair share! The use of hazelnuts in the choux buns had both of us making happy food noises. It was all delightful. There wasn’t one thing on the tower that we didn’t like.

So do it people, head for High Tea at One180.

Thank you for having us Chef Chetan Pangam and team, we had a ball.

Two last photos-


Review Of The High Tea At The Bolton Hotel And A Metre Long Pizza Experience With Mediterranean Foods.


My latest High Tea Society Review At Bolton Hotel, Artisan Restaurant is up and it is a goody. I am currently trying to convince the family to go on holiday to Singapore so I can’t get myself a teapot. Postage from the website may be cheaper but Singapore has so much food to try and the Postie doesn’t.

Last weekend on Facebook I had some great news, I won the special Monday metre long pizza at Mediterranean Foods. Yes, 1 meter long. I was very good and shared with my family and friends. It was very impressive and very good. We got to choose 3 different pizzas to be featured. We had Italia, SicilIa and Chioggia. It fed 5 of us and for $55 I think that is pretty good. The novelty of the huge pizza was easily matched by the great taste. The restaurant and shop have been refurbished and look fantastic.



Yes, I have had a week that has been all about food. That is every week but this week has been extra foodie with the pizza above and a few changes at work. I started new hours at and this meant a whole hour for lunch. Working in the suburb I work in means I have plenty of choices for lunch. This week I had a very good Palak Paneer with naan bread ($9.50) at The Curry Pot  and Huarache Patria ($13 beef with green sauce) at Viva Mexico. Both were so very good and rather cheap.


Today I also had pancakes ($16) at the new cafe in Petone, Seashore Cabaret. They were the best pancakes I have had in the Wellington Region, the coffee was also good and I love the decor. I wasn’t expecting the place to please me, but it did.

If you are Tim my personal trainer, I would still give myself 7/10 for my diet. There was fruit and veg involved.

High Teas Society And Me.


A few months ago I got a surprise message on twitter from a fellow former blogger, Lady Loves Cake. The message was asking if I would be interested in taking over her post as reviewer of all things High Tea in the Wellington region for the High Tea Society. The answer was a swift yes.

After a few emails back and forth and pinching myself a few times, I got my first assignment at Martha’s Pantry. As photography was required I invited my birthday buddy and fellow food focused Brit along, Lucy from Wellington Foodies. We are now a High Tea Team.

Our first experience was lovely and at the same time, overwhelming. We ate, we laughed and were made to feel very welcome. After a couple more reviews we are both more confident and enjoying our journey.

This weekend we will be at another venue scoffing our faces and trying to behave. I can’t wait. Thank you Michelle Milton for giving us the opportunity to indulge.

Here are the reviews Lucy and I have sacrificed ourselves for so far. I would like to say to my personal trainer Tim that I don’t eat it all but we both know that is a lie.


Martha’s Pantry

The Intercontinental Wellington

The Gear Homestead






This Week I’ve Mostly Been……

I am sorry, only a few of you will know Jessie from the Fast Show but it speaks the truth.

My friend Lucy suggested that I should have the title Professional Scoffer and that left me feeling happy. I will take that title and I am tempted to get some business cards made saying just that. She did make the comment after we had had a rather marvellous High Tea at Gear Homestead in Porirua. There will be more about when my review is published on the High Tea Society  or you can check it out yourself.


Talking of the High Tea Society, you can see two more reviews of mine with Lucy’s photo here-

Intercontinental Lobby Lounge

Martha’s Pantry

This week I also went for dinner at Hillside Kitchen in Thorndon with a group of friends. It was a Meatless Monday dinner and we had a feast. I am still amazed at how nice the onion flower (that awful weed) tastes, how pretty a purple carrot with a bit of orange carrot looks when arranged as a rose and a chocolate tart can contain tofu and you wouldn’t know. Oh, one last one, those teeny tiny lemon meringues….. how do you get them that tiny and not crush them when filling?

Here are a few pics. Hope you had a good week too.

Thanks you for letting me borrow your pic Nikki.






A Very Fancy High Tea, A Brewery And The Food Show – What A Weekend!

I have had one of those fabulous weekends. It has been non-stop but in a good way. I have managed to take the dog on a big walk each day to justify the eating to myself. I have spent the weekend laughing, eating and laughing a little more. It has been excellent and I will start my week with the Monday glow and a smile. A High Tea and The Food Show have been the two major event and a visit to Baylands Brewery featured too.

High Tea at Brasserie Le Cordon Bleu.

Several times friends and I have talked about going to the Brasserie at Le Cordon Bleu, this time when I saw the tweet about the open days I pinned a few people down and booked a High Tea. We got the last available table. You need to be quick to get a booking here.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Our High Tea was amazing, absolutely amazing. Everything had required a lot of work and the pastry skills were incredible. I have had a few High Teas and this was easily the best. It was also the cheapest at $25, amazing value. It was served with either Peoples Coffee or t leaf T. I chose Earl Grey Blue Flower and it was lovely.  The amount of food on our table for 4 people was very impressive. All four of us followed the menu to decide what to eat and we all ate everything. It was so very good.

I am not going to go into detail but just leave you with some picture, you need to go yourself. I have tried something different with the photographs today, forgive me if you don’t like it.


Baylands Brewery And Brewing Supplies.


Just a quick post on the wonderful brewery in Petone, Baylands Brewery. They started in the garage of my friend Nikki’s house and after a couple of years they have become a part of the Wellington craft beer scene, You can go to the shop, buy home brewing supplies and taste a few beers. If you know Petone, they are in the street that goes down the side of Mcdonalds, Victoria Street. We went for a visit to see Nikki and try some beer. Mr Muffin came away smiling after buying a brewing kit. He now has a hobby and is very happy. He will add to his kit as he needs to and buy from these guys.

The Food Show Wellington.

My birthday buddy and I had a great time at The Food Show Wellington today. We ate, we laughed, we shopped, we ate and bumped into people we knew. We did a good circuit, ran back to the theatre to watch Kyle Street from The Depot. Seeing squid ink pasta being made was rather excellent. After the show we bumped into a fellow twitter friend Laurie, had some lunch, bought some beef from Green Meadows Beef and other bits. Lucy came away with a OmniBlendV and full arms. We both had full arms and got offered a lift in the buggy down to the station, an amusing end to an excellent food afternoon.

Photo 6-09-15 2 30 30 pm

I hope your weekend was as good as mine.