High Teas Society And Me.


A few months ago I got a surprise message on twitter from a fellow former blogger, Lady Loves Cake. The message was asking if I would be interested in taking over her post as reviewer of all things High Tea in the Wellington region for the High Tea Society. The answer was a swift yes.

After a few emails back and forth and pinching myself a few times, I got my first assignment at Martha’s Pantry. As photography was required I invited my birthday buddy and fellow food focused Brit along, Lucy from Wellington Foodies. We are now a High Tea Team.

Our first experience was lovely and at the same time, overwhelming. We ate, we laughed and were made to feel very welcome. After a couple more reviews we are both more confident and enjoying our journey.

This weekend we will be at another venue scoffing our faces and trying to behave. I can’t wait. Thank you Michelle Milton for giving us the opportunity to indulge.

Here are the reviews Lucy and I have sacrificed ourselves for so far. I would like to say to my personal trainer Tim that I don’t eat it all but we both know that is a lie.


Martha’s Pantry

The Intercontinental Wellington

The Gear Homestead






This Week I’ve Mostly Been……

I am sorry, only a few of you will know Jessie from the Fast Show but it speaks the truth.

My friend Lucy suggested that I should have the title Professional Scoffer and that left me feeling happy. I will take that title and I am tempted to get some business cards made saying just that. She did make the comment after we had had a rather marvellous High Tea at Gear Homestead in Porirua. There will be more about when my review is published on the High Tea Society  or you can check it out yourself.


Talking of the High Tea Society, you can see two more reviews of mine with Lucy’s photo here-

Intercontinental Lobby Lounge

Martha’s Pantry

This week I also went for dinner at Hillside Kitchen in Thorndon with a group of friends. It was a Meatless Monday dinner and we had a feast. I am still amazed at how nice the onion flower (that awful weed) tastes, how pretty a purple carrot with a bit of orange carrot looks when arranged as a rose and a chocolate tart can contain tofu and you wouldn’t know. Oh, one last one, those teeny tiny lemon meringues….. how do you get them that tiny and not crush them when filling?

Here are a few pics. Hope you had a good week too.

Thanks you for letting me borrow your pic Nikki.






A French High Tea In Wellington- Louis Sergeant.


*March 2017 I have review LS for The High Tea Society.

I have been to Louis Sergeant’s for cake and a drink with Miss Muffin but never for High Tea. I have heard mixed reviews about the High Tea and the opportunity to go had never arisen, until today.

A friend was visiting Wellington from Dunedin and it was the perfect opportunity for a few friends to meet and indulge in a French High Tea. And indulge we did. I walked in with no expectations and we were seated at a long table with a perfect white table cloth and laid with beautiful tea cups. When it was established that our empty seat wasn’t going to be filled we were educated on the way of the Louis Sergeant High Tea. Tea was the first thing we had to choose.

We were given a clipboard with drink options and told the tea from the front of the menu was refillable and we could swap teas if we wanted, I had the City of Light. I liked this as often it is just the one cup and/or choice. We could have had champagne but we all chose to focus on the food.

When the food arrived it was explained by a staff member with a very French accent. We got the gist but did get muddled up with the green domed savoury on the middle layer. We were sure we were told peppermint but it was defiantly  pea and not peppermint. This was the only thing served that many didn’t like. I did but then I love mushy peas and will happily eat them cold from the tin (shhh, don’t tell the food police).


Everything else went down a treat, Oh I tell a lie. Some of the table found the chocolate cake too strong  and were unsure about the texture. I saved the day and helped them get over their guilt by eating it for them. Overall, this was a most excellent high tea and I was impressed with the skills used to make it. Everything was different and just the right size. I have no idea how the little version of the of the red domed pistachio morsel was made. It was a nice change to have a hazelnut creme in the choux pastry. I am not going to go through everything because when you go it may be different. If you want to ask me anything, ask away.

I am now going to let you look at the photographs, please don;t blame me if you lick your screen.

Louis Sergeant Sweet Couture Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

I won a perfectly times Easter High Tea – James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor , Wellington.


I had a very well timed win on a Facebook competition on the page of the James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, the prize was for two people to have their Easter High Tea. My friend Liz and I had just been pondering over meeting up while she was down from Auckland over the Easter period. As Liz and I last did High Tea at The Langham, this win was perfect and we had another very lovely High Tea.

We were lucky enough to get a seat by the window, it is always lovely to look at roof tops and a harbour. We both really enjoyed the High Tea and the choices of tea that went with it. It was plentiful and we have to confess to bringing the Cadbury Creme Eggs and shortbread bunnies home for our families.

This was a very well balanced High Tea and each piece tasted different. I thought the savoury selection was particularly lovely and varied. I would certainly come back for High Tea here, there were a few large groups arriving as we left. They have plenty of room and it is a good spot for group catch up.

Easter High Tea Menu

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Hot cross bun with jam and cream

Easter bunny biscuits with chocolate ears

Cadbury Creme Eggs


Vanilla cheesecake with a green tea dusting

Chai cream brulée

French macaroon

Mini chocolate tart


Lemon ginger roast chicken sandwich

Vegetarian rice paper roll

Tea smoked Aoraki salmon wrap

Spinach and feta roll

Lamb & mint croquette


Thank you James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor, I will be back.