La Bella Italia- Petone Wins Again.

Last night I went out for a meal with a friend. Normally we go to a place where the Mr wouldn’t eat and decided to throw a bit of variety in and head out for Italian. We both like to use the Entertainment Book voucher and that did help with making the decision to go to La Bella Italia.

We met for a sneaky pre-dinner pint at Sprig and Fern. I enjoyed a limited addition red IPA. As it was a Friday night it was bustling and a great atmosphere. After our pint and chat, we walked to the industrial area where La Bella Italia is based. We had booked and on arrival, I was happy we did as it was busy.

My dining partner and I often order exactly the same and have very similar tastes. This time we realised we were both conflicted between two choices. We took the logical route and ordered one of each and shared. Both dishes were delicious and sharing was a fantastic idea.

The dishes we shared were-

Cannelloni di Crespelle -Crepes filled with spinach, ricotta and pecorino cheese with sage butter.

Photo 29-09-17, 7 28 33 PM

They were good and very tasty. Rather than the cannelloni tubes, they were actual delicious crepes. We both really enjoyed these. I would have this dish again and eat it all. The balance was perfect.

Margherita- Fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes – san marzano

Photo 29-09-17, 7 29 05 PM

We attacked the pizza before I got a good photo. This pizza was excellent, I think it would be my favourite in Wellington. It reminded me of the pizza I get in my hometown (Brighton) where there is a big Italian community. The base tasted of being cooked in an authentic way, the cheese was stringy and there was a good splash of a decent olive oil. I would go back for pizza.

For dessert, we didn’t share. That is not something either of us would do! I choose the Bombolone. I did enjoy them but I can’t say they left me amazed, they were just good. My dining companion had the Attaccadito and found it a little dry. On the way out I noticed an orange and almond cake in the cabinet and next time I will inquire about that.

We did have a lovely meal and a lovely time. It is a great place for people watching as there is no place to hide and it is well lit. I look forward to going back one day.

Bombolone -A warm cinnamon donut with vanilla gelato

Photo 29-09-17, 8 09 42 PM





Wonderful Wednesday

One of the things my lovely little mummy taught me was how to cook. I don’t remember actual lesson but watching and soaking it all up. When I left home to go university I really realised how much I had learnt. When I became a mum myself I knew that teaching my child to cook was a valuable lesson. I haven’t given Miss Muffin lessons but I have encouraged afternoon tea to be in our kitchen/dining room and done prep for dinner as she eats. We have our best conversations at this time too. A few weeks ago I decided it was time to step right out the kitchen and leave her at 11 years old to do a meal by herself. This was a big thing for me but I did it, she has been producing lovely meals every Wednesday I am one of those annoying people who comes up with nicknames for things and people (hello Magic Lady and Gin). I decided that we would call this meal, Wonderful Wednesday. It was a good name to choose, we really are having wonderful Wednesdays. Miss Muffin decides by Monday night what we are having so I can get any ingredients when I shop on a Tuesday. She has so far got most of her recipes from her own kids cooking books and I hope to move her on from these as she gets more confident. I think Sophie Gray’s books will be the next step. Here are a few photos to show you my girl and her food- The first week we had Kung Fu Panda Meatballs from the Countdown website. They were good and I loved her presentation. Kung Fu Panda meatballs. The next week it was a Yellow Chicken Curry, was good too. Wonderfulwed2 And tonight we had Sausage and Pepper Stir Fry. wonderfulwed1 Can’t wait to see what the next Wonderful Wednesday brings. Well this Wednesday we had a Chicken Curry, fresh curry paste and everything. It was lovely and she was a star in the kitchen again. chickcurry

It is Wednesday again, how did this happen?

Tonight she made a meat lovers pizza from scratch and did really well. It was lovely and she did the base by hand, it tasted great. Another proud moment for me and Mr Muffin. Miss Muffin took the lovely artistic pizza photo too.


Miss Muffin has decided to recook all of these dishes and get confident over the next couple of weeks.

This week she did the meatballs again and apart from them all rolling on the floor ( 3 second rule), she did great.

Photo 1-10-14 5 23 31 pm