Logan Brown, This Is What I Thought Being A Grown Up Was.

As a kid I loved food and thinking about being a grown up. When I pictured being older and going to fancy restaurants places like Logan Brown were in my imagination. My experience today, as naff as it sounds, lived up to my childhood dreams.

Photo 16-04-16, 10 25 15 AM

There is something about Logan Brown that I find magical. I love the building with its strange angles, beautiful cornice ceiling and nooks. It is one place where I even enjoy visiting the ladies room. Every time I have been I have walked in and felt like I am now the adult I wanted to be. The food is fabulous too!

My visit today was with a good friend. I am a member of Logan Brown’s Vault Club. I do the odd survey and receive emails about events. Every so often I get an email with a great offer. An offer enticed me to visit this time as the lunch menu was an incredible price, $45 for 2 people to have 3 courses. Yes, you read right, high end food at an extraordinary price.

When I write my blog posts about places I eat I don’t go into huge descriptions of my meal. Eating and tasting is a very individual thing and your opinion can be very different to mine. With todays food, I am pretty sure any one with a mouth would side with me.

So, here a few photographs of my mighty fine lunch. I nearly forgot to tell you about my major achievement…………… I didn’t read the menu before I went and I had the fish dish and didn’t do my predictable move and go for the vegetarian dish. It was a glorious fish dish, all three dishes were marvellous.


Red Onion & Portobello Mushroom Tart, Grilled Haloumi, Chorizo Vinaigrette & Arugula

Photo 16-04-16, 12 17 02 PM



Crisp Skin Gurnard, Chermoula White Bean Puree, Prawn Beignet & Corn


Photo 16-04-16, 12 35 15 PM


Caramelised Apple Frangipane, Cinnamon Ice Cream, Candied Almonds & Calvados Syrup


Where is your favourite fancy restaurant?



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Logan Brown – Laughing and Lunching.

Photo 4-07-15 12 34 12 pm

Saturday 4th July 2015

This menu changes every 3 weeks.

Today I spent a good few hours laughing and eating lunch at Logan Brown. It is my birthday next week and also the birthday of a good friend Lucy, my special birthday buddy. I am away for the big day and we decided to lunch at Logan Brown. The email we both received from LB sealed the deal with its offer of 2 pre-theatre meals for $55. During the week we gained another two friends and picked up on the fact that if you mentioned you were a Hurricanes fan you got a free Hurricanes cocktail. It was a rather lovely cocktail too, it was fruity and delicious. Photo 4-07-15 12 50 14 pm Logan Brown is a beautiful restaurant. It is in an old bank and has something very European about it. I have been for dinner and High Tea before and knew what to expect. My expectations were met and even exceeded . The service we received was excellent, professional and friendly. Just how it should be. Photo 4-07-15 12 59 42 pm We started with the sour dough bread rolls, they were delicious . We then moved on to the shared tastes platter. This too was delicious. There was a range of tastes and everything was eaten. The olives were included as part of this, oh the olives, mmm. Photo 4-07-15 12 59 51 pm Our mains caused silence, yes, there were moments where nobody was talking. We were asked if we had any dietary needs and an alternative vegetarian was suggested which was a pasta dish with truffle, this was a hit and much admired by the rest of us. Lucy had the lamb and two of us chose the turkey. I was very impressed. There was an array of tastes and it was like having a very fancy Christmas dinner. I must confess to only having had the white breast meat of the turkey before. I am a changed woman as I really enjoyed the darker.¬†Every plate at the table was left empty at the table so it is safe to say, we were all happy. Photo 4-07-15 1 30 05 pm The rest of my party chose the half glass wine matches. Our waiter explained each wine and why it went with the food. He was very confident and knowledgeable. I didn’t have the wine as I am not a wine drinker. I was happy with my cocktail. The wine drinkers enjoyed having the matches. Their favourite was the Clear View Sea Red that was matched with dessert. For dessert we all chose the tart and declared it perfect. The serving was just right, any more and it would have been too much. It was a perfect mix of the sweet caramel sauce with the dark chocolate. Photo 4-07-15 1 58 45 pm Logan Brown is one of those restaurants that for me, falls into the something special category . This trip ensured it stays in that place in my mind and I look forward to returning. I may just have to make up an occasion.