Lush Party and Cheesecake Shop Rainbow Cake , Miss Muffin Turns 12

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Did you know that Lush does parties after the store has closed?

New Zealand 




I didn’t know this until a fellow mummy friend told me (thanks Jenny). I mentioned the party idea a couple of years ago to Miss Muffin but she wasn’t keen. This year she mentioned it herself without any prompting, we quickly got the party booked.

We couldn’t do the weekend of her birthday as it was already booked out but did book the weekend before. This made Miss Muffin extremely happy as it is like having a double birthday. We decide upon a total of 8 people being invited, including her.

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The party was from 5.30pm – 7pm at the Wellington store. We arrived shortly before to find most of the guest waiting and very excited. Our party was hosted by the lovely Tess and Laura. They greeted us, ran through some house rules and got the girls to put name badges on. The first organised activity was the making of a cupcake face mask. The girls enjoyed putting on the surgical style face masks and gloves. They mixed up the mask and each got a pot to take home.

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Next was a challenge game, they had to find 3 products with a certain ingredient, a product made by a particular person, wrap a soap and bundle everything nicely into a wrap. This task took a while and they really enjoyed it. There was some serious competition between the pairs who had given themselves wacky team names.

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After these two games we had a break to enjoy some cake and nibbles that we had provided. There will be more about the cake after the low down on the Lush party! The girls had a good rest and feed and got onto the best bit, shopping. They were each given a set amount to go shopping with. It depends upon the type of party you book as to how much they get. The shopping took a good 15 – 20 minutes and there was a lot of maths going on and debating of just how many bath bombs one needs.

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The last game was a throw the parcel across the shop pass the parcel. Each layer was a wrap and contained a sample of a Lush product. As with all the games Tess and Laura took control. After this parents arrived to pick up very giggly and happy girls who left laden with Lush products. The conversation in the car between Miss M and 2 friends was about how many years you could have a Lush party before it wasn’t fun. The decision was, you can never have too many Lush parties. Miss Muffin now has the aim of working in Lush as soon as she is old enough.

All up, this party was one big success. It was excellent and I received many texts from parents of happy girls to thank us. Thank you Tess, Laura and Lush. I don’t think Miss Muffin will ever forget her 12th birthday.

And now for the rainbow cake ……………………….

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The cake was also just as easy as the party, the request was for a rainbow cake. I may be pretty fancy at baking but I am also rather good at getting food colouring everywhere and so decided to outsource. We found that the newly opened franchise of the Cheesecake Shop in Lower Hutt did a cake for $60. Considering I would have to buy the colours and all of the rest of the ingredients I thought this pretty reasonable. I must say, the cake was huge, tasted good and we were very impressed. We paid a little extra for the chocolate disk, it had

It was easy to order too. We popped in the store the week before to place our order and pay, this meant on the Saturday we could just swing buy and pick it up. It all worked out really well.


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