Dinner At Artisan, Ora King Salmon and I Am Going To Use The Word Sublime.

This week I was lucky enough to go to Artisan Restaurant at the Bolton Hotel in Wellington. I won the dinner via their Facebook page which ran a competition to taste their entry for the Ora King Salmon 2015 Awards. Artisan’s chef, MacLean Fraser designed this amazing dish. I don’t think I have ever wanted to use the word sublime in relation to food, that is, until I tried this entrée.


Vodka cured salmon, Campari jelly, ginger, pea and radish.

Is your mouth watering just reading the description and looking at the photograph? It should be, this is one sublime dish. The taste of each bite was fresh, tasty and of course, sublime. Fresh is the best description , the jelly did some kind of culinary magic when it was tasted with the extremely  good Ōra King Salmon. The taste of radish cleansed the palate and added a zing.

If you are in Wellington you should seriously think of heading along to the Artisan Restaurant at The Bolton Hotel and trying this.  You can then vote.

This information is from the Ora King website –

“During the 15th June – 30th August entry period, diners/the general public are able to nominate their favourite Ōra King dish. Public nominations are made via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest by uploading an image of the Ōra King dish with the hashtag #orakingawards, including the dish name and restaurant.

The greater the number of #entries the Ōra King dish receives, the more likely the chef is to become one of the 12 Front Runners for the Ōra King NZ Best Dish Award.

Every public # entry will go in the draw to win a $400 dining experience courtesy of Ōra King salmon. ”

Eat, vote and then possibly win a prize to do more eating, excellent.

The rest of the meal very much deserves the word sublime to be used too.

For my main I had –


Assiette of vegetables, seasonal young vegetables and greens with walnuts praline, pea foam

I chose this dish because I had no idea what it was and it sounded damn fine, it was. My favourite part was the little turnips  and the walnuts. I loved all of my mouthfuls and had to stop myself from licking the plate. My dining companion, Lucy was equally as enthusiastic about her roast lamb belly. We also very much enjoyed the side of salad and devoured the plate of ginger glazed yams with cress, sunflower seeds and radish. They were the best yams I have ever tasted and I haven’t been very keen on them before, I will be trying to recreate this dish.

Even though we were rather full we still managed to make a very good dent on the wonderful (could add sublime) dessert platter. The platter was a selection of the menu and all delicious. A smoked flavour prevailed and it was good, oh so good. I would describe  it as man pudding, it left two women very happy too.

Photo 22-07-15 9 21 28 pm

Thank you Artisan, Bolton Hotel and Chef MacLean Fraser . I will be back. I loved the grown up feeling of the restaurant, the atmosphere and the service.