A New Overnight Waffle Recipe, Yes, You Guessed Right, I Added Healtheries Black Chia Seeds

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I have once recipe for overnight waffles blogged already, that recipe is good but this one is better. With this one there is no mixing to do just before cooking and they have that lovely yeasty taste.

I made these in the morning and we had them for tea with lots of fruit in the evening. The overnight part isn’t a rule, just a guideline. I would make sure they have around 5 hours to stand. If you are worried leave them out on the side for the first hour and then pop them in the fridge until you are ready to cook.

The original recipe is from Foodess.com and uses butter. I have decided to be even lazier and use canola oil. The mix is rather runny but they cook to form a nice risen waffle and are a rather lovely golden colour.

Last night I cooked half the batter without the Healtheries Black Chia Seeds, I added around 2 tbsp to the remaining batter. We did a taste test and agreed that it is worth adding a little goodness. The chia does change the texture and adds what is best described as, a nutty hint.

There are seeds in there, honest.

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Overnight Waffle Recipe - Muffinmum.com

  • Servings: around 8-10 waffles
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2 1/2 c all-purpose flour

2 heaped tsp yeast (I use dry granules)

1/2 tsp salt

2 tsp ground cinnamon

2 tbsp castor sugar

1/2 c canola oil

2 c milk (I always microwave any milk for around 45 secs to take cold edge off)

 2 eggs lightly beaten

*optional 2-3 tbsp Healtheries Black Chia Seeds

In a large bowl mix flour, yeast, salt, sugar and cinnamon

In another bowl mix the oil, milk and eggs

Make a well in centre of dry ingredients and add wet ingredients

*add optional Healtheries Black Chia Seeds

Whisk together, cover and leave to rest in the fridge

Heat the waffle iron

Whisk again

When iron is ready add around a ladle full of mix

Cook until brown, a good indication is when steam stops

Eat and enjoy

Overnight Waffles, need to keep this recipe safe .

Last school holiday, after some volunteer street collecting for Breast Cancer, I decided Miss Muffin deserved a treat and I could be kind enough to help her with the eating of her treat. Yeah, shoot me, I love to reward with food.

We had walked past and talked about the little hole in the wall that is The Little Waffle Shop. We had heard about this place and when the waffle of the day involved berries, chocolate and Oreos we could not walk past. I think it was $7.50 (NZ) so not at all pricey for the delicious dream it was.

The waffle was a perfect batter with the yeasty taste and not over sweet. It was both crispy and fluffy and yum. It reminded me of my perfect waffle in Luxembourg Gardens in central Paris. Growing up in Brighton we were very close to France and a pop across the ocean was nothing.

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Having this waffle renewed my love of the waffle. I have owned a few waffle machines and lost the love of them with the last one. I paid out for a decent make and after 6 months ended up returning it as it would not cook properly. The company was midway between the release of a new machine and getting rid of the model I had, I took a cash refund. Luckily enough, at the mall the other day I saw a machine on offer for $30 and just had to have it. This sparked the search for the crispy, yeasty and fluffy waffle batter recipe. I stumbled across the right one first time and with a bit if tweaking have reached perfection. This recipe needs to be stored on this blog as the paper copy is not looking the best. That copy was from here.

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Overnight waffles

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
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Overnight Waffles

1 tsp instant yeast

2 c flour

1 tsp sugar

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp cinnamon

120 grm melted butter (cooled)

2 c milk at room temp (warm slightly in microwave)

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 eggs

Day before-

Mix dry ingredients and stir in the milk, butter and vanilla

This does make a runny mixture which needs to be covered and left over night, I have been leaving it out on the side but will start putting it in the fridge as we move into summer.

In the morning-

Turn on that machine

Split eggs, mix egg yolks together and add to overnight mix

Whisk egg whites until soft peak stage and fold into the mix

Cook according to your machines instructions, don’t forget they contain yeast and will fluff up.


with the latest batch (made on Friday night) we had some left over for Sunday morning. This older mix had been kept in the fridge and made very good waffles still. I may consider starting these on Friday morning, adding the egg on Friday evening and keeping in the fridge overnight to use Saturday morning.

When we cook them we do a tag team, whoever takes the waffle puts the next batch in for the next person. Waffle relay, now that is my kind of sport.