I have to shout about Pana Chocolate and not whine about wine.

Photo 28-03-15 7 49 43 pm

I have followed Pana Chocolate@pana_chocolate ) on Twitter for a good while now. I must admit that the photos of the packaging and the word cherry peaked my interest in trying the chocolate. Also, the idea of raw chocolate puzzled me and I didn’t have this taste in my flavour file inside my head (i’m not the only one who has this file am I )? I realised this needed to be rectified. 

Luckily on Saturday I needed to pop into Commonsense Organics and I had the light bulb moment that they sell Pana Chocolate. For a Saturday night in I needed a treat,  as I am off the booze, a bar of fairly expensive chocolate could be justified. I went straight for the Sour Cherry and Vanilla.

I must be honest here and say, I had a few moments of regret after my purchase.The bar looked so little for the price tag and I made a few jokes about being full after it and really over indulging myself. I did keep looking at the pretty packet though.

When I opened the chocolate and ate the first square, my regrets were instantly gone. The best way I can think to describe this bar is like a very excellent dessert at very excellent restaurant, rather like a god chocolate torte.  Every square was enjoyed and none was shared. The bar was more than big enough and it left me feeling very happy and a little bit healthy.

I look forward to trying the next flavour on my list which currently reads like this-

Pana Orange Raw Chocolate

Pana Mint Raw Chocolate

Pana Raw Fig and Wild Orange Chocolate

(This is not a sponsored post, it was just very good and worth blogging about).