Queen Of Jackson, Petone.


The Queen Of Jackson, Petone- I wish I had food photos. I wish you could see all the food and all the lovely things. You would need to smell it and see how each dish varied. BUT….

I didn’t take a single food photo and I can’t show you anything, You will have to take my word for it. I was too busy chatting and having a mighty fine beer or two. The food was so damn fine. Ottolenghi meets New Zealand fine. I mean that and that is big praise.

On my last trip back to the UK I planned a trip for me and my bestie, we went to London. We stayed in a very lovely hotel and I fulfilled my dream of eating at Ottolenghi. It was lovely and I enjoyed the food. I can tick that one off my list. The food today at the Queen Of Jackson in Petone was easily up there with the Spitalfields experience, if not better.

The occasion for eating there was a bit of an early birthday celebration for me. I invited 7 friends for their set menu, this had finished the day before and we ended up getting a better deal.  The new deal is 4 plates for $50 and you leave your table by 7.00pm. Between 8 of us, we had 8 plates and two bowls of fries. It was plenty for a lunchtime and an absolute bargain. The food with the fab beer selection is heaven.

Every dish was delicious and I will be hard pressed to know what to have next time. I am not the biggest meat eater but I ate all the meat. I may even have had my mind changed about pork belly.

The dishes we had were-

Warm cauliflower salad, mint, currants, spring onion, yoghurt

(lovely, how can cauliflower taste like this?)

Israeli couscous, apricot, apple, mint, cumin, baba ganoush

(so full of flavour)

Salt & pepper squid, nam jim dressing

(didn’t try, left it to the lovers)

Pulled pork tacos, bourbon sauce, apple slaw, pickled jalapenos

(delicious, great corn tacos and fab pork)

Chicken karaage, sriracha kewpie, kimchi slaw

(huge pile and so very tasty)

Pork belly, parsnip puree, fried chorizo & pinot noir sauce

(changed my mind about pork belly, that parsnip mash mmmmm)

Spiced lamb meatballs, Israeli couscous, feta yogurt

(so very tasty)

Seared beef tri-tip, french fried onion, habanero mustard

(yum, I finished this one up and scraped up all the mustard)

And two bowl of the Triple cooked hand cut fries, aioli.

(the fries here are always delicious)


Wellington- The Burbs And An Awful Lot Of Eating Out.

In the past week I have eaten out rather a lot. I am not going to make excuses because eating out is my happy place. I even didn’t take a photo at every meal, sorry. Sometimes I just don’t want to and I am too hungry or want to get the best bits before someone else!

Tumeric in Tawa

Last Saturday we went for one of our lunchtime curries in our fav northern suburb Indian lunchtime meal deal spots. Now this place is nothing flash but their food is excellent. I still uphold my claim that they have the best paneer around. My go-to dish is kadhai paneer and I love their potato and onion kulcha. They have a lunchtime deal and I think it is $12 for a curry, rice and naan.

Salty Pidgin

I came here during WOAP and have been trying to think of reasons to go back. As I was heading to the movies in Brooklyn, I had the perfect excuse. A friend and I shared the vegetarian pide, the famous crispy cauliflower, chili olives and the most amazing fries. It was a lovely feed and absolutely perfect for a chat and a catch-up.

If I was asked where I would like to go for dinner, without a doubt my answer would involve the Salty Pidgin. I love the place and the food is great.

The movie was a fundraiser and for pudding, we had homemade slices and a bag of lollies!

Photo 8-10-17, 7 17 35 PM

Khandallah Trading Company


This is our local and by joining their social club I got credit on my Goody App. Mr and Mr headed off to use this up. This place has had some strange menus in the past and now they seem to have gone back to do doing what they do best, great pub food.I really enjoy their burger and Mr loves their ribs. I think you can guess what we had.

Kelburn Village Pub

Photo 11-10-17, 6 52 22 PM

The Eating Peeps gang got together to try the food at this pub. I have been for a beer before but not food. We had a voucher and it made the meal and a drink nice and cheap. One thing on the menu jumped out at me and I would go back to have it again, it was the cauliflower and hazelnut carbonara. It was absolutely delicious and as it had a vegetable in it, almost healthy. I would never make it at home as I would be the only one eating it.

Seashore Cabaret 

Photo 13-10-17, 1 29 57 PM

Love this place, went for lunch with Miss Muffin. She had a bacon butty, I had the nachos and we shared the curly fries. It was fab, as always. If you haven’t been, you must. I can’t wait to go there with my parents when they visit at Christmas. I think we will go in the evening as you can book then.

So….. that was my eating week and it ended with this beautiful loaf being left on my doorstep.

Photo 14-10-17, 6 12 52 PM




Comes and Goes- Shut Me Up

Sorry, this photograph has to be big. Just look at that.


The Nest- Pumpkin seed crumbed soft boiled egg , filo pastry nest , beetroot ketchup, feta and mesclun salad.


This is not something I normally say but, I was wrong.

I have been laughing about how Insta/Snapchat the food at Comes and Goes in Petone is and being rather judgemental about how it could not taste as good as it looks. It sure does taste as good as it looks and my mind was blown by this dish, The Nest.

The Nest is two pumpkin seed crumbed soft boiled egg , filo pastry nest , beetroot ketchup, feta and mesclun salad. Just look at that, it is a plate of beauty and the taste was amazing.

I do have to warn you, we had to wait for a table on a Friday early lunch time. I am so pleased we did wait, it sure was worth it.

So I eat my words, not only is the food Insta/Snap worthy it tastes mighty fine too.

One more photo……….


Taste of Raj, Petone – A Great New Indian.


Taste of Raj, Petone.

Last week we notices a new India in Petone. This weekend we arranged to go in blind and give it a try with some friends. It is located down the supermarket end of Jackson Street and has a rather bright sign in the colours of the Indian flag. It was formerly Black Olive and is a lovely space for a restaurant.

When eating in Petone it is always a good idea to book to avoid disappointment, Taste Of Raj wasn’t full this time, I can see that once word gets around booking will be a necessity. My advice would be to get in their first and be the cool one in the know! Anyway, onto the food, it was good, so very good.

We were a party of five and we did the traditional over order on the starters. We did manage to make a very good dent on the Onion Bhaji, Chicken Lollipop, and the Tandoori Dawat mixed platter. We all enjoyed the mix but agreed we wouldn’t order that much again. I was particularly taken with the fish tikka and that is something I wouldn’t usually order. The mixed platter arrived on a very decent bed of vegetables which also got a good picking over.

For mains we each picked a dish and went for the bread basket. Mains were Chicken Korma (mild as ordered by Miss M), Lamb  Dhansak, Murgh Tikka Makahani Palak, Chicken Jalfrezi and Vegetable Kohlapuri. I chose the later and had never heard of it before, it was a lovely tomato based sauce packed full of vegetables. All of the mains were declared excellent and we are all big fans of Indian food. The bread basket was huge and the above photograph only shows on basket, there was so much naan that two baskets were needed. They checked on our progress and if we needed any more rice a couple of times, which was nice.

All up, a excellent meal and we would all go back. We have talked several times about ‘next time’ today. That is always a good sign of how good somewhere is.

Go in, give it a try and don’t be put off by the signs. I sincerely hope they stick around as the whole meal was a lovely experience.

Visa Wellington On A Plate 2015.


It is that time of year again, the time where much of Wellington is as obsessed with food as I am.  It is Visa Wellington On A Plate time!

My magazine with all the menus and events is looking rather tattered and google gets the web page up rather quickly. I have browsed so much I can almost tell you who is doing what. I am currently in awe of a friend who has detailed burger list and I have my dates lined up and hoping to add a couple more. My family knows they won’t  see me every evening for these two weeks.

I did go to an event with Mr Muffin, he enjoyed himself as much as I did as we ate and dined like Romans. You can  read all about it here.

For my first burger I went out for a date that was made on twitter with a few good women. We had a very long twitter thread going and eventually arrived at a date we could all do and chose our Burger Wellington eating joint. The reason for our choice was the 3 burgers on offer and the fact that I rated the burger last year.

City Dining and Bar

Photo 18-08-15 7 47 49 pm

This isn’t some where I would normally consider eating at but it was busy and it is advisable to book. I think the three burgers and a vegetarian option are a good draw card. I had the Mazzerati Burger, as did most of our party.

Photo 18-08-15 6 40 59 pm

Corn fritter with fried Zany Zeus halloumi and avocado salsa on a Pandoro brioche bun, with rosemary fries and saffron aioli.

The was burger was very good and I really enjoyed it. The corn fritter was a decent burger size, halloumi was a great edition, the bun was lovely and the salsa was good and garlicky.

I also enjoyed the rosemary fries and could have eaten far more of them. I didn’t need more but I wanted them! The saffron aioli was also rather fab and declared very butter like and perfect. I don’t think any one had any left in their little pot. The people who opted for the milkshake enjoyed those too.

Another great Visa Wellington On A Plate 2015 burger from City Dining and Bar.

The Old Bailey.

OB Jerk Chicken Burger.

OB Jerk Chicken Burger.

Jerk-style chicken breast with crunchy slaw, caramelised pineapple and Kāpiti brie in a Zaida’s bun, with fries

I booked a table to ensure that we could get in on a Friday night. It was a good job I did as the pub was packed and there was a lot of eating happening. Both of us went for the burger, we did consider the 2 course menu but just kept coming back to the burger. It was a good choice.

The burger was actually chicken pieces, the fries were good old shoestring and there was a side of aoioli and ketchup. It was great not having to ask for both to be provided. The burger bun was stuffed with plenty of succulent chicken which had a great jerk flavour. We both really enjoyed the burger and were rather stuffed afterwards.

I would consider eating here now, I guess that is how WOAP works for businesses.

Pan De Muerto.

Burger Mexicana.

Burger Mexicana.

Corn and cinnamon-crusted chicken breast with char-grilled Anaheim chilli pineapple and guacamole in a house-made bun, with Mexican street corn and corn chips

Blimey, this burger is rather large. I did ponder how I was going to get my mouth around it. All 5 of us did the cut it in half and dive in method. The chicken was very well crumbed, very tender and the rest of the filling went very well. I have to confess that I could very easily go back and eat this again. I really did like the crumb and the sides.

The sides were corn on the cob with a spicy taste and the corn chips with a fresh salsa. These added a nice little extra and made a change from fries. All up, a fantastic burger.

The Butcher and Brewer

Photo 29-08-15 7 53 45 pm

This pub is where The Empire used to be about half the way down Jackson Street. I really like the new feel of this place and I choose it for a group meeting venue during Wellington on A Plate. The menu and the burger menus impressed me. The only time I had eaten in here previously was to order onion rings whilst having a pre-dinner drink, they were damn fine onion rings too.

I tried to resist the burger but I was drawn in by the meat, meat and more meat.

Beef with streaky bacon, pineapple, guacamole, pulled pork and Kererū dark beer cheese in a Kaiser roll. Garage Project beer match: White Mischief

This burger was grand. It was a tower of meat and another very great burger. The patty was tasty and had a lovely texture, I even enjoyed the taste of the bacon and the pulled pork was a great touch. My only negative would be the bun, it couldn’t really hold its own against so much filling and I did resort to using a knife and fork.

After the burger I decided to veer off the WOAP menu and order the Mini Doughnut Medley. I had no idea of what to expect but when the little deep fried morsels arrived I grinned like a Cheshire cat. This was one fab dessert and I am plotting and scheming my way to have it again, I loved it.

Photo 29-08-15 8 38 22 pm


Petone- it is NOT THAT FAR PEOPLE.

I can’t believe the amount of people who think Petone is like a million miles away.from Wellington. From our house, up near Mount Kaukau, we can be there and parked in 15 minutes. Parking is easy and the drive is pretty.

In the past few years Petone has grown into a foodie heaven. It is another place we love to do our cheap family weekend lunches. It has good foodie shopping as well with Ontrays, The Dutch Shop , Ankurs Nice n Spice , The Spice Rack and probably a couple I have forgotten.

It is also a great place to go in the evening, it has some great watering holes. The Sprig and Fern is at the Wellington end of Jackson Street, there is also the Speights pub but we have never been in there. Down further there is Queen of Jackson which is fairly new, has a great beer selection and has a roof top terrace (will be visiting it soon) and close by is the former Empire, now called The Butcher and Brewer.  We will also be visiting and eating at The Butcher and Brewer, our plan is to get The Big Butcher as we will have my parents visiting . I will come back and report.

Just a quick plug before I get onto writing about where I have eaten- Petone now also has a brewery , down the side street by Mcdonalds is Baylands Brewery and Beer Supplies. 

So time for me to lecture you, I will start from the Wellington end of Jackson Street.

K Sing- 

Mains around $17, large portions

Photo 6-12-14 12 13 13 pm

This is another family Saturday lunch place. We came here on whim about 4 years ago and have been coming back every couple of months since. Miss Muffin (11yrs) is just beginning to explore more dishes and grow her taste buds, her normal order is chicken satay, summer rolls and plain rice.
I am not going into big descriptions of the food because you need to experience the wonderful fresh tastes yourself. The portions are large and the menu is the same at lunch time as in the evening. In the evening you do need to book and it has the added extra of being BYO wine and beer. Their home steamed peanuts in sesame are for sale near the till, they are good.

Photo 6-12-14 12 08 56 pm


Mains around $15 at lunch

Love, love, love the vegetarian meze plate with all the bits. This is one of the places I come with girlfriends for a plate of yum and a good chat. For a kebab place it is more pricey than average, I think it is worth it. For some reason husband and daugher are not fans. I am happy to keep it as my place.

First Choice-

Mains around $17

This is a funny place, the food isn’t what you would call authentic but is still good. I would liken it to chip shop Chinese in a restaurant environment. When we have been we have enjoyed eating in a group of people and sharing lots of dishes. The cumin lamb has been a favourite.When eating in here there is a real mixed bunch of people. Some eat Chinese and others steak, egg and chips. You can even get a slice of white buttered bread.I wouldn’t go here for the real Chinese deal but more the Western idea of what Chinese food is. It is good food.

Taylors on Jackson- NOW CLOSED

Mains around $30

I have posted about my feelings about Glen’s food before here. As I can cook I choose to eat out food that wouldn’t be so easy to do at home, this is that food. You can read others reviews all over the internet and see that I am not the only one loving the flavours and combinations, have a look on Zomato.  This is a great place for a celebration, a chat and dinner with friends and because you need to believe in unpretentious good food.

Mr Ji’s Kitchen-

Lunch meals (includes rice) around $14, in the evening around $18

Another Saturday lunch time haunt for our little family. We have been coming to Mr Ji’s for a good few years now, mainly at lunch time but there has been the odd evening meal too. At all times we have found the food excellent and with lovely big portions. Our lunch time order is usually some pan-fried dumplings, spring onion bread (kind of like roti), main ,for me- shredded pork with garlic sauce , Kung Pao chicken for Mr and either noodles or satay chicken for Miss. We also have the tea.The portions at lunch time are huge and easily enough to be a meal. They always have a good serving of veg with them and it is different veg for different dishes.We have always had good service and have never had to wait too long for food.

And now  couple of additions that aren’t in Jackson Street.

La Bella Italia-

Prices vary, can use Entertainment Book.

What a fast, efficient and lovely place to have a sociable meal in. My only complaint would be that the portion could have been bigger as all my pasta vanished far too quickly.Walking into here it is hard to believe that you are not going to walk out and actually be in Italy. It is rather disappointing to be in an industrial part of Petone but you can see the sea.This place is a definite on the using the Entertainment Book voucher.


Mains around $18

Have just had dinner here on a Tuesday night.  I went with another foodie who had never been before, we left full, very happy and talking of our return.
If you drive to go here and get put off by the outside, please go in. The resturant is out the back and a lovely set up. This is a family business that has been running for nearly 25 years, the owner told us that tonight.
When I told my husband I was coming here with a girlfriend, he was jealous. That is how good this place is.  We have been a good few times and have not had a bad meal. The one particular thing that keeps us coming back are the  kathi rolls, read the menu and look at the starters.
If you want real Indian food and to taste great fresh spices, come here.

Crazy Cakes and Donuts-

About $3 a donut.

This place is my guilty secret, as I bake a lot I am rather fussy when it comes to slices and cakes. Crazy Cakes and Donuts wins me over and keeps me happy everytime.These are not the deepfried cinnamon and sugar type of donut but more the bread kind. I like them that much that I have figured out if you buy the kids bunny shaped donut you get more. I always go for the iced variety and the husband tries all different kinds from the Filipino side on the right.This is a family run business, give them a go.

A proper meal out- Taylors on Jackson

Right, have to prove my foodie worth and do a review of an amazing food experience.

I belong to the Meet-up group Wellington Foodies. One event was a dinner at Taylors on Jackson and I ticked the yes box straight away. To be honest, the menu didn’t have things on that I would normally choose. I am still not the world’s biggest meat eater but am actively trying to improve myself on this. This was my second visit to this restaurant and will not be my last.

House-baked sourdough, truffle butter
A little warm individual teeny tiny loaf with fluffy truffle butter, perfect.


Photo 16-01-13 9 24 11 pm

An extraordinary mix of flavours.

Steak tartare, fried chicken oyster, pickled white anchovy, horseradish, confit egg yolk jam, black garlic
I looked at this starter on paper and felt rather confused. I just couldn’t see how this could possibly all blend into any kind of wonderful forkful or be something I would choose to order or enjoy. Thankfully it worked and I had to eat my preconceived ideas of what I would enjoy.

The steak tartar was in small slices and mixed with the anchovy. The chicken oyster was a fancy chicken nugget and the egg yolk was mind blowing and clever. All of the things on the plate were in sync with each other and shouldn’t have been. Who thinks to put beef with chicken and egg? Over all, a very clever dish.


Photo 16-01-13 9 59 40 pm

The Yellow Brick Road salmon.

Ora King salmon, beetroot + habanero, watermelon rind, elderflower, beach spinach, crème fraiche, olive

Photo 16-01-13 10 00 25 pm

The Longbush pork

Longbush pork, wild fennel, pardon peppers, balsamic, burnt onion, whipped goats cheese, lavender + honey
I had the pork. I am new to eating pork and Longbush pork is sure a mighty fine way to embark on my pig eating pork adventure.

The description makes it sound like some airy fairy Cordon bleu plate, nope, not what this was. The pork was plentiful; the homemade crackling was a nice crunchy touch and the burnt onions were splendid. I also enjoyed the pardon peppers and liked the cheeky little addition of these, they were very tasty.

Again, everything worked. It was like a very fancy roast dinner with the sides of Fried potatoes with malt mayonnaise and a salad of rocket, hazelnut, poached pear and parmesan. I struggled to get through both bits of meat and enjoyed every mouthful. The spuds and the salad were lovely too.

By the empty wooden boards on the table, I am guessing everyone enjoyed the salmon too.


Photo 16-01-13 10 55 09 pm

Doesn’t look like a pudding, sure was good.

Sweet olive parfait, olive oil cake, raspberry, orange

Photo 16-01-13 10 54 26 pm

Oh so very cute and apparently full of flavour.

The BFG lemon meringue pie cheesecake

I went for the mysterious sounding olive dish. I can report that candied olives work and are delicious. This dish was another which made me wonder, how the heck do these things go together?

The flavours all matched superbly. Someone described it as having pudding and a cheese course on one plate; I could see what they meant. My mind was blown with this dish as it was both an assault on the senses and delicious. I struggle to find words to adequately describe all the tastes. It tasted as colourful as it looks.

All up, I really enjoyed this meal. We mainly eat Asian cuisine out and I am often disappointed with Kiwi fare and leave thinking, I could have done that at home.

I am now planning how and when to get Mr Muffin along to try this food. I gave him the explanation that although this food sounds rather flash on paper, it is good Kiwi fare done with flare and imagination.

Thank you for the use of photographs, Lucy Mutch , Wellington Foodies