Friday- BBQ chicken pizza, Feed The Family for $15 or Less, Sophie Grey

20130830_171555OK, so I didn’t do very well in sticking to this recipe, I did try. I will just write out the basics here as everyone has their own favourite pizza dough and things to put onto pizza.

1 Small boneless chicken breast, skin removed and cut into thin slivers

1/2 cup store BBQ sauce

2/3 Pizza sauce (primo recipe on p111 of book)

1 quantity of All purpose pizza dough

1/2 red capsicum diced

1/2 grated cheese

Oven 220c

Combine the sliced chicken and half the BBQ sauce

Mix the remaining BBQ sauce with the pizza sauce

Roll out the dough to roughly 34cm circle

Place on baking tray

Spread sauce over the dough, scatter on the chicken, capsicum and cheese

Bake for 15-20 mins.


I used a different dough recipe, I love the Paul Hollywood pizza dough recipe and I stick it in the bread maker on dough setting. I time it to finish about an hour before we plan to eat.  For pizza sauce I do cheat a bit and use the squeezy tube stuff, I think it is Gregg’s. It gives a nice taste and doesn’t go soggy. I roll my dough out on the baking sheet I plan to cook the pizza on and I dust it with a cornmeal/flour mix. I have got good at getting it nice and thin. With the chicken, I couldn’t bring myself to put raw chicken on it, I cooked it first and it still took on lots of the BBQ flavour.


Gave me new ideas for chicken and BBQ sauce.

Just had to add a photo for me of the Bread making king- Paul Hollywood. One day he will answer me on twitter.

Paul Hollywood

5 Minute Bread

My dough, I mix it and store it (one corner of lid off) in the fridge.

It also really good pizza dough and flat Indian style breads cooked in a dry frying pan.
I mix mine in the a plastic pot I store it in in the fridge. Just don’t push the lid on the pot to make it air tight.
It takes a couple of goes to get it right for your oven but is so easy once you have got it going.
Pizza dough doesn’t need a rest and is best thin.

All you need is-
3 cups lukewarm water
2 tbsp granulated yeast
1  tbsp salt
6 1/2 cups unsifted, unbleached, all-purpose white flour

Add the water, yeast and salt. Give a little mix.
Stir in the flour until mixed.
Allow to rise and then fall back on its self.
Stick in the fridge or use some right away.

To use-
cover hands in flour, grab some dough (large grapefruit) and work it a little until it feels like a boob (yes!).

Stretch it to the shape you would like and place on a cornmeal covered board for around 40 mins, it will not rise much. I put an indent along the length with a dinner knife.

Pre heat oven to around 220 with a pizza stone or baking tray in for about 15 mins.

Put dough on warmed tray/stone
Bake until brown/ looks right

With this loaf I cut slits in it before resting and spread some pesto in the slits.

Indian style flat breads.

I used the dough for flat breads to go with a Sambal the other day. I brushed them with melted butter before putting them in a hot frying pan. All you need to do is take small balls of dough out of each bread, roll, heat pan and cook.


With the last batch of dough I used 2 cups of wholemeal flour and 4 of bread flour. The bread is lovely and has a really good crust. I am going to try it for a pizza base this evening and am hoping for a Hells type crust.