Our Milly Dog Won a Facebook Competition – Thank You Puss and Pouch.

Photo 19-05-15 3 22 41 pm

We have a little dog, her name is Milly. We have no idea what kind of dog she is and probably never will. There is certainly some foxy mixed in there but that is all we know. She is a very clever dog, gentle, loyal and a people pleaser, the best dog ever. She likes to give cuddles whilst making a human like cuddle noise, aaagghhhh.

Puss and Pooch had a competition on their Facebook page for a testing team . I sent a photo of Milly and she was chosen to be a tester. Her parcel arrived and that evening we got straight into the testing and eating part.

Photo 30-06-15 5 05 32 pm

The packet looked like a normal popcorn packet and I presumed that is what it was, even after reading the ingredients. I somehow missed the fact that corn wasn’t mentioned, doh. The only ingredients are cows milk, yak milk, salt and lime juice, very exotic for a little Kiwi mutt.

We popped them as instructed, for 1 minute and thought it wasn’t enough. We did a few more seconds and they were popping in the bag. When we opened the packet up we were surprised at the strange shape and size. Miss Muffin contemplated trying one but backed out at the last minute.

Photo 30-06-15 6 41 35 pm

Milly got very excited when she heard the word treat. She sure knows what that word means. She was up on her back legs trying to see what was in the bowl and then she resorted to ‘I’m a good lovely dog’ mode and waited.

Photo 30-06-15 6 42 00 pm

She loved the Yaky Charms and ate every single crumb she could get her dog mouth on. They didn’t last long. Winston the cat also showed interest and gave one a good lick.

Photo 30-06-15 6 43 48 pm

Yay Charms were a great success . Milly sometimes reacts badly to new food and has the loudest tummy grumbles. She didn’t have one, nor did she to rush into the garden to do any business.

These treats are very different and unusual. They are very cool too. Popping dog popcorn treats and getting funny white air filled charms is more exciting than dishing out a couple of biscuit treats. I would buy Yaky Charms for Milly and her dog friends.

If you would like to know more ask Puss and Pooch, they are the importers. The company who make them is Himalayan Dog Chew.

Photo 30-06-15 6 50 28 pm