Herby Garlic 5 Minute Bread


Just look at that beauty. Oh how lovely it smelt and tasted too. I had one of those food moments where I loved being me !

I have blogged about 5 minute bread before , follow the highlighted words and see how easy it is. I never believed in it until I started making it 4 years ago. A while ago I stopped having this perfect mix in the fridge, recently we have made friends again. It makes the best pizza dough too and many other things. The best thing is that you too can use your imagination and it is never going to take you hours. I often make a little cinnamon roll for the daughter and it keeps me in the good mummy books.

I made a loaf which is enough for 4, I have found that the dough cooks best when it is no more than about 12cm wide, any wider and it doesn’t cook so well in the middle. The pasta sauce is homemade too.

Preheat the oven to 200 and if using, put the the pizza stone in as it warms up.

For the filling-

1 tsp rock salt

1-2 cloves garlic

handful of basil

1 tbl olive oil

Put rock salt and garlic in a mortar and pestle , mash, add basil , mash some more stir in olive oil

With this Herby Garlic bread I simply made the filling-

Grabbed a large handful of dough from the tub in the fridge.

Kneaded it until it got bouncy and made it into a circle about 5cm high. I use a mix of flour and cornmeal to stop sticking.

I put the filling on half the bread and pulled the other half over, as you would with calzone and tapped on the sides to make a sausage/bread shape.

I put it seem side up and did 3 slashes on a diagonal. I let it rise on baking paper for about 3/4 hour.

I sprinkled on some flour/cornmeal mix all over the top.

Put on the pizza stone in the preheated oven (or baking tray)

Cook until it looks nice and tanned.

In my new oven (which needs cleaning- damn) , and is quite frankly, flipping fantastic, I used the vent setting at 200 until I could see a crust had formed then switched it over to fan bake on the same temperature. So glad I went with the Fisher and Paykel one, it really is exceptionally good and even Mr Muffin is impressed.

Damper, an emergecy bread that got my heart


Here in Wellington we have weather. I know everywhere has weather but we have the maddest weather ever. Last week when my new oven was being fitted it was cold. I put the fire on. One week later, we are all in short sleeves and hot. This kind of change can happen in a day. You can tell someone who has lived here a while as they have mastered the art of layered clothing and have a windproof jacket some where close by. Now to the point, the pitta bread I had bought to go with our chilli went moldy and I only discovered this 20 minutes before dinner. Mr Muffin is a bread man and I saw this as an opportunity to have a “ta da” moment and of course, to use the new oven (yes, I have a new oven). I did a quick search on the wonderful net and pieced together and shrunk a few recipes. The bread that came out was perfect for the chilli and was like an old fashioned dumpling that sits on top of stew. I whipped a portion away to have later with butter and jam so I could use it for a scone. My testing result was- yes, perfect.

This recipe made easily enough for us 3 and would stretch to 4.

1 1/2 c Self raising Flour

40 grm butter

1/2 c cold water

Heat oven to 180 and line a baking tray with baking paper

Sieve flour into a bowl

Cut butter into cubes and rub into flour until it resembles bread crumbs

Slowly add water and stir the mix with a table knife

Give the dough a light knead on a floured surface (I did it on the baking paper to save mess)

Make 4 cuts in the dough, deep ones

Sprinkle flour on top to cover

Bake for 20- 30 minutes or until golden and base is cooked (brown, knocks hollow)

5 Minute Bread

My dough, I mix it and store it (one corner of lid off) in the fridge.

It also really good pizza dough and flat Indian style breads cooked in a dry frying pan.
I mix mine in the a plastic pot I store it in in the fridge. Just don’t push the lid on the pot to make it air tight.
It takes a couple of goes to get it right for your oven but is so easy once you have got it going.
Pizza dough doesn’t need a rest and is best thin.

All you need is-
3 cups lukewarm water
2 tbsp granulated yeast
1  tbsp salt
6 1/2 cups unsifted, unbleached, all-purpose white flour

Add the water, yeast and salt. Give a little mix.
Stir in the flour until mixed.
Allow to rise and then fall back on its self.
Stick in the fridge or use some right away.

To use-
cover hands in flour, grab some dough (large grapefruit) and work it a little until it feels like a boob (yes!).

Stretch it to the shape you would like and place on a cornmeal covered board for around 40 mins, it will not rise much. I put an indent along the length with a dinner knife.

Pre heat oven to around 220 with a pizza stone or baking tray in for about 15 mins.

Put dough on warmed tray/stone
Bake until brown/ looks right

With this loaf I cut slits in it before resting and spread some pesto in the slits.

Indian style flat breads.

I used the dough for flat breads to go with a Sambal the other day. I brushed them with melted butter before putting them in a hot frying pan. All you need to do is take small balls of dough out of each bread, roll, heat pan and cook.


With the last batch of dough I used 2 cups of wholemeal flour and 4 of bread flour. The bread is lovely and has a really good crust. I am going to try it for a pizza base this evening and am hoping for a Hells type crust.