Wellington- The Burbs And An Awful Lot Of Eating Out.

In the past week I have eaten out rather a lot. I am not going to make excuses because eating out is my happy place. I even didn’t take a photo at every meal, sorry. Sometimes I just don’t want to and I am too hungry or want to get the best bits before someone else!

Tumeric in Tawa

Last Saturday we went for one of our lunchtime curries in our fav northern suburb Indian lunchtime meal deal spots. Now this place is nothing flash but their food is excellent. I still uphold my claim that they have the best paneer around. My go-to dish is kadhai paneer and I love their potato and onion kulcha. They have a lunchtime deal and I think it is $12 for a curry, rice and naan.

Salty Pidgin

I came here during WOAP and have been trying to think of reasons to go back. As I was heading to the movies in Brooklyn, I had the perfect excuse. A friend and I shared the vegetarian pide, the famous crispy cauliflower, chili olives and the most amazing fries. It was a lovely feed and absolutely perfect for a chat and a catch-up.

If I was asked where I would like to go for dinner, without a doubt my answer would involve the Salty Pidgin. I love the place and the food is great.

The movie was a fundraiser and for pudding, we had homemade slices and a bag of lollies!

Photo 8-10-17, 7 17 35 PM

Khandallah Trading Company


This is our local and by joining their social club I got credit on my Goody App. Mr and Mr headed off to use this up. This place has had some strange menus in the past and now they seem to have gone back to do doing what they do best, great pub food.I really enjoy their burger and Mr loves their ribs. I think you can guess what we had.

Kelburn Village Pub

Photo 11-10-17, 6 52 22 PM

The Eating Peeps gang got together to try the food at this pub. I have been for a beer before but not food. We had a voucher and it made the meal and a drink nice and cheap. One thing on the menu jumped out at me and I would go back to have it again, it was the cauliflower and hazelnut carbonara. It was absolutely delicious and as it had a vegetable in it, almost healthy. I would never make it at home as I would be the only one eating it.

Seashore Cabaret 

Photo 13-10-17, 1 29 57 PM

Love this place, went for lunch with Miss Muffin. She had a bacon butty, I had the nachos and we shared the curly fries. It was fab, as always. If you haven’t been, you must. I can’t wait to go there with my parents when they visit at Christmas. I think we will go in the evening as you can book then.

So….. that was my eating week and it ended with this beautiful loaf being left on my doorstep.

Photo 14-10-17, 6 12 52 PM




Tawa- the suburb every body shrugs at.

I do apologise to those who don’t live in the Wellington region and I hope this post may make you think out of your square. I don’t have any photos of my food on here because I generally start eating and then realise I haven’t done the blogger thing and taken a pic. I will try to add a few.

Tawa is a suburb north of Wellington and often thought of a that place just before Porirua City. It is also known for the amount of churches and a place that many never stop at. It is time that changed.

You may be surprised to hear that it has some mighty fine eating establishments. There are no flashy restaurants but good family run non-European restaurants where you can see a family working hard to keep the business going. This is not the Tawa of old but a new Tawa which has embraced exotic cuisines.

I am going to run you through as if you came off the highway at the Tawa exit coming from Wellington.

Just past the Outlet Mall (more an inside street) there is Nada Bakery on your right, I know this is about as Kiwi as you get but the warrant a mention, they have pie, very good pie. I am partial to the mince and cheese or Mexican (has a good kick).

Carry on north and straight across the roundabout. On your right you will see a pinkish coloured building with Thai woodwork. Thai Country Cafe

We first came here years ago because it was in The Entertainment Book and we have been going back since. I love the chicken larb, all other larbs are ranked against this one. They use fresh ingredients and are good with the chilli. One of the things that we love about this place is the kids menu. If I could give an award for a kids menu this place would get gold. I also love the BYO wine, the dairy next door sells wine in case you forget.

It is good to book as it fills up quickly and from early on.

If you forget to book, just around the corner is a Chinese which does a sit down version of the chip shop style Chinese and is also BYO wine.

Yum Yum House

The first time we ate here was a lunch time and the health inspector was the only other patron, well he wasn’t really a patron as he was doing a full on inspection. Felt a bit odd really. The lunch was good, even with the strange atmosphere.

We have been back in the evening and enjoyed many dishes. It is not your fancy pants Chinese as it joins up to the fish and chip shop next door. When I say fish and chip Chinese, I mean it. It is perfectly good food and a nice little place to sit and enjoy a meal.

Carry on down towards Tawa’s Main Road, straight across the roundabout and just on your right is the place that does my death row meal.


Photo 11-01-15 12 28 05 pm Photo 11-01-15 12 45 49 pm

This is one of Tawa’s really big secrets and others are beginning to believe. You just have to google to read reviews. My favourite time to go is lunch time at the weekend, they do Masala Dosa, this is my death row meal. They have recently put the prices up and think it now costs $8.50. Yes, you read right.

My boss is from Southern India and didn’t believe me about how good this place is. He made and effort, went and had to apologise. The food is Malaysian/ Chinese/ Southern India influenced. It is BYO wine, a handy tip is to park behind (go to 1pm on roundabout) and park in the New World car park, get the wine and cut through to Main Road. Just note, I don’t drink wine at lunch time, may be I should?

Another where you need to book in the evening. The service can be interesting but the food is worth it. Roti is a must.

Kadai Junction

This place is also on the right and down the other end of Main Street to Pandan. It is the other side  of the New World shopping complex. I have a confession, we have driven past this place so many times. Last weekend I decided that now was the time we had to stop and try as the reviews looked good.

We went for lunch on a Saturday and were very pleasantly surprised. The lunch deal is $10 for any Veg, Chicken or lamb dish from the menu with a plain naan and rice. A naan upgrade is 50c. We  treated ourselves to an onion bhaji starter and knew we were on to a good thing.

The food very much reminded me of the Indian takeaway near my mum and dad’s in England. I know that is not a measure of Indian food but it is a measure of good. The only thing that wasn’t spot on was Miss Muffin’s butter chicken, it was on the sweet side. Next time she will go for something else, probably the pasanda.

This is now our go to weekend lunch Indian. I may find a way to go tomorrow.

English Dhaba

OK, not right in Tawa, just around the corner in Linden. It is right by Linden Station. If the thought of eating in Tawa fried your brain then I don’t know what Linden would do.

This place gets really good reviews and we have been once. We will go again to try it out another time. The thing that stood out was the starters, they were so good.  I was a little let down by the vegetable balti as some of the vegetables were still frozen. All The other dishes were outstanding and certainly full of fresh spice.

So, there you go- Tawa.