Wellington Wine, Food and Craft Beer festival 2015 – are you going?


“The Festival brings together the best of local food, wine, beverages and restaurants, outdoors on the waterfront in the sun, accompanied by great music, fun and friends. “

Doesn’t that sentence say to you that you should be? This week I am spending all my time planning what to eat and it what order. Friday can’t come soon enough. This is the first year of this festival and I love the idea of sampling various restaurants food, tasting wines and beers.

Have a good look at the offerings, overtime I have a browse I choose a different starting point. I love Croquetas and would not make them at home so they may have to be a first stop. Choosing the last stop will be the biggest problem and I may have to walk home.

Some of my favourites so far are-

Croquetas – three cheese with spicy paprika mayo, or roasted red pepper & chorizo with alioli

Gluten free chicken and smoked cheddar cheese croquettes with spicy mayo

Special Wellington City and Sea Museum Fundraiser Dumplings
Indian Spiced Roasted Veges + red cabbage(vegan)

Chilangas (the Mexican pie): corn parcels stuffed with meat & cheese, smoked fish & cheese or veggie & cheese (vegan option available).

Pravda cheese scone w/ tomato relish

Pork Larb with sticky rice

Vanilla crème brulee/blood orange sphere/liquid nitrogen mandarin cheezel.

See the problem?